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The Caledonian Oyster Co Ltd is owned and personally run by Hugo & Judith Vajk, who have been farming oysters for more than twenty years - in France and the Channel Isles before returning to Scotland in 1995.

The company farms the Pacific oyster or Crassostrea Gigas, which does not breed naturally in Scottish waters. Every year 5mm oyster seed is bought from a hatchery where oysters are encouraged to spawn under laboratory conditions.

mesh bags sitting on trestle tables

The seed oysters are put into mesh bags and fastened to trestle tables which are set on the seabed. The tables are accessible at low water and this is when the oysters can be graded and the bags turned - general husbandry. As the oysters grow they are put into bags with a larger mesh until they are ready to be sold. On average it takes three years for an oyster to reach marketable size.

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